New Engine oil of ADDINOL

Lubrication for the cold

Freezing temperatures – engine and oil are completely cooled off and the starter button is pressed – there is probably no greater challenge for engine oils. After all they must supply the engine with oil in spite of temperatures below zero and this way ensure optimum protection against corrosion and wear.

An important indicator signalling whether the lubricant is up to this task is its borderline pumping temperature meaning the temperature at which the oil just about flows to the oil pump without air being sucked and starved lubrication being caused. Engine oils of SAE grade 10W-40 possess a borderline pumping temperature of -30 °C.

Practice has proven already that even this value might be critical in very cold winters, as last year’s. The new fully synthetic engine oil ADDINOL Professional 0530 E6 has been tailored specifically to the special operating conditions of the cold season. With a borderline pumping temperature of -35 °C the Ultra-High-Performance-Diesel-Engine-Oil of SAE-grade 5W-30 possesses excellent low-temperature characteristics.

German article published in nfm 12/2011 (view German article here)

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