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Some products are known all over the place. Trademarks such as "Tempo", "Uhu" or "Flex" are synonyms for their whole product field and well-known to everyone. This is also true for ADDINOL (Additive in Oil) which was one of the most popular brands in the GDR and stood for a broad range of lubricants. After the German reunification and a new start the long-established company from Saxony-Anhalt provides state-of-the-art quality lubricants again.

The roots of the company lie many decades ago. On October 26th, 1936 the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf was founded near the chemical site in Leuna and became one of the largest factories for fuels and lubricants in Germany. After the end of Word War II the company became nationally-owned and established as leading development centre and laboratory for lubricants in the East-European countries joined in the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. ADDINOL products covered almost the total lubricant demand of the GDR.

In 1990 the nationally-owned company became the ADDINOL Mineralöl GmbH Lützkendorf. The name of one of the most successful engine oils of the former Mineralölwerk was chosen as the new company name. Ten years later ADDINOL moved to its new seat in Leuna where now about 80 people are being employed.

Global Player
Today more than 600 products are being developed, produced and filled in Leuna. And the progress continues: With a two-digit turnover increase per year the company focuses on expansion and establishes itself in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants both nationally and internationally. ADDINOL is represented on all continents with sales partners in more than 70 countries. In Germany the sale is accomplished through the mineral oil trade mainly.

Research and development are highly important at ADDINOL. The laboratory of ADDINOL is one of the most modern of its kind – just like the nearby crude oil refinery of central Germany – and furnished with the latest analytical and technical testing facilities. On this basis the successful products "Made in Germany" are developed.

The highest international specifications according to ACEA and API and more than 150 approvals of leading manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, the Volkswagen group, MAN, Porsche, Ford, Renault, Volvo, Deutz, Scania and MTU attest the quality of the lubricants. Furthermore, ADDINOL is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Modern lubricants
Innovative automotive products are for example so-called low SAPS engine oils for Euro-5 commercial vehicles. Here ADDINOL offers a real all-rounder with Extra Truck MD 1049 LE. The fuel-economy engine oil of SAE grade 10W-40 meets the strict requirements of the Euro-3, Euro-4- and the new Euro-5 diesel engine generation. Additive technology and fully synthetic base oil components enable a reduction of ash-containing substances by at least 50 percent. Therefore the contaminant loads for the exhaust treatment systems are reduced and the systems can work reliably and efficiently.

Oil consumption is reduced by up to 30 percent thanks to the low evaporation loss. Special antifriction additives and an adjusted viscosity enable reduced fuel consumption. Additionally, the ageing resistant lubricant which is stable under shearing stress permits oil change intervals of up to 120,000 kilometres.

As experienced lubricant expert ADDINOL offers both top-quality products and comprehensive service for workshops:
- application-technical advice
- comprehensive technical documents, data sheets as well as brochures and flyers for consumers
- equipment and decoration for shops
- equipment for workshop and warehouse
- thought-out waste management concepts
- training opportunities

In addition, the expert offers an OilFinder on its homepage. The workshop just needs to enter the vehicle type or the key number and within seconds it gets information on the required lubricant and the respective filling quantity. There are more than 400 products for over 2,000 different models and 16,000 vehicle types.

Individual support and advice for the partners is of utmost importance at ADDINOL and thus everyone has its own contact person. This also applies to the nation-wide sales force who attends to the business clients. 

Expertise in the past and today
Graduate engineer Jürgen Deckert is in charge of the department Research & Development at ADDINOL and develops all engine and transmission oils: "Before the German reunification we covered roughly 95 percent of the total lubricant demand of the GDR. However, this does not mean that we developed two-stroke engine oils for Trabant and Wartburg or engine oils for the W50 and Russian tractors as well as heavy-duty vehicles of the army only. After all, more the 10,000 VW vehicles as well as thousands of Skodas, Moskwitschs, Dacias and Ladas were on our roads. Our engine oils for these vehicles were designed both with our additives and with additives from Western Europe. Since many years we have been co-operating closely with leading additive suppliers and almost all vehicle manufacturers."

German article published in kfz-betrieb 5/2009 (view German article here)


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