Full speed with "High Speed"

Most bikers enjoy speed and the sound of acceleration. Fans of classic two-stroke bikes now can do so and even without regret thanks to ADDINOL. The German expert for high-performance lubricants presents Pole Position High Speed 2T which is a fully synthetic engine oil specifically developed for difficult conditions.

The oil is suited for thermally heavy loaded and air-cooled two-stroke engines mainly. It meets and outperforms the specifications according to JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD. It is a typicall racing engine oil and does not contain any pre-mix components – therefore it must be added to and mixed with the fuel carefully. The oil and further information are available under MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik-Ahnatal GmbH.

German article published in bike & business August 2011 (view German article here) 

New edition of our newspaper

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GE Jenbacher approval for ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD

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