Lubrication is not a difficult thing

Engine and transmission oils are important generators of profit and service tools

However, which biker has a litre of engine oil at hand when he is on the road? No one, sure! But the customer shouldn’t take it for a spin round the place. Yet, he should have it ready to hand any time and if needed. And that very moment is probably out of your opening hours and reach! Here the attitude: "They will turn up when they need something." is not really a service approach. Life-size displays in the showroom do not generate profit by themselves or communicate a good "service feeling" to the customer neither: they cannot really talk and with their countless cans they are far from self-explaining. Manpower is called for – just think about it!

On the following pages we want to give some information on the support provided by well-known lubricant suppliers in general and for bike-shops in particular, on current products and marketing campaigns, on the support service by the sales force and on the competition of famous chains of stores.

The ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH from Leuna has been specialised in the development, production and sale of engine and transmission oils for more than 75 years. ADDINOL (= Additives in oil) was one of the most famous brands of the former GDR. After the German Reunification the brand name became the name of the company. Through the MZA Meyer-Zweiradtechnik-Ahnatal GmbH the company supplies trade with lubricants for motorbikes, scooters, karts and quads. MZA is licencee of Simson and offers ADDINOL lubricants and special products for cult brands such as Simson and MZ as well as new bikes. Important fact: ADDINOL products for bikes are only sold by wholesale and specialised trade.

"For 2011 we have planned in-house trainings and seminars mainly", says Sven Köhler, product manager for automotives and bikes. They aim at making the team of 15 people more effective in order to provide the right support to bike-shops. In addition, there are also individual trainings for distribution partners.[ …]

The latest highlight of ADDINOL is a racing oil for two-stroke bikes according to Sven Köhler (product management automotives and bikes). High Speed 2T has been already tested in racing successfully; also by pilots of the Simson racing team. The company also offers high-tech made in Germany of the series "Pole Position" for four-stroke engines. These engine oils are available in four viscosity grades and meet the highest current specifications API SM and JASO MA-2. 

German article published in bike & business May 2011 (view German article here)

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