Challenge: modern engine oils

The constructional element engine oil is directly affected by new EU emission standards

The Euro-4 standard meant a radical change in additive technology and required the development of innovative engine oil components mastering the extreme engine-related demands and ensuring maximum efficiency of exhaust treatment systems. This development led to a totally new generation of lubricants.

New exhaust treatment systems and diesel particulate filters set high standards regarding the additive’s content of sulphated ash, phosphor and sulphur. These requirements are also reflected in the European engine oil specification ACEA: they have been defined in ACEA 2004 in a separate sequence, ACEA C, for the first time.

Concerning the demands of the single vehicle manufacturers and their requirements on the engine oil to be applied there are four different classes in the current issue of ACEA 2008: ACEA C1 to C4. They differ mainly regarding their requirements on the content of sulphated ash, phosphor and sulphur. High-temperature-high-shear-stability is a further important criterion for fuel saving. In addition, leading vehicle manufacturers tighten the requirements on engine oils of the new generation. Low SAPS engine oils will be the dominant ones in the future, especially against the background of the progress of the Euro standards there is hardly any alternative.

Giga Light MV 0530 LL and Mega Power MV 0538 C4 are engine oils of the highest performance level supplied by ADDINOL, expert for high-performance lubricants. Giga Light MV 0530 LL is a fully synthetic, high-tech, fuel-efficient engine oil of SAE 5W-30 with the latest additive technology. It is the all-rounder among the engine oils, especially suited for engines with extended service intervals. According to the manufacturer the product provides excellent engine cleanliness, extreme wear protection and outstanding environmental behaviour due to low exhaust emissions. Mega Power MV 0538 C4 SAE 5W-30 has been developed especially for the application in modern Renault diesel engines with exhaust treatment. It meets the strict requirements of emission standard Euro IV for diesel and gasoline engines.  

German article published in amz 1-2/2010 (view German article here) 

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