ADDINOL Pole Position – Four-stroke engine oils with JASO MA-2 and API SM

The specification JASO MA-2 describes the highest requirements made on four-stroke engine oils especially for the use in modern Japanese bikes at the moment. Four-stroke engine oils which meet not only JASO MA-2 but also API SM currently are the measure of all things. One of the few manufacturers offering such four-stroke engine oils is the German ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH with its new series Pole Position. ADDINOL, former market leader for lubricants in the GDR, was well-known to fans of Simson and MZ mainly in the last years. Today the company seated in Saxony-Anhalt is an expert for high-performance lubricants.

Generally Japanese motorbike manufacturers demand engine oils meeting the specifications of the Japan Automobile Standards Organization. These JASO specifications are classified into group M for four-stroke engines and F for two-stroke engines. Oils belonging to group M are further subdivided into categories MA and MB which differ regarding their friction coefficient at wet clutches. Oils of category MA possess a sufficient friction coefficient. They can be applied in engines with high torque and for relatively small clutches and are ideal for wet clutches. Oils of category MB meet all criteria defined by JASO except for a specific friction coefficient and thus are suited for motorbikes with sensitive clutches only with reservations. JASO MA-2 describes the highest requirements made on four-stroke engine oils at the moment. It specifies higher friction coefficients at wet clutches and thus maximum clutch compatibility for engines with extremely high torque even. The new engine oils ensure reliable lubrication even for sporty driving behaviour. Optimum engine power delivery is possible and wet clutches do not run the risk of slipping.

ADDINOL Pole Position engine oils also meet JASO specifications below the given level and can be used in engines requiring oils according to JASO MA as well.

European and American manufacturers usually demand oils according to API. API – the American Petroleum Institute – issues specifications for gasoline and diesel engines as well as transmission oils based on strict testing methods. Four-stroke engine oils are described in class S, two-stroke engine oils according to class T. The second letter gives the requirement level. Currently API SM is the highest specification for gasoline four-stroke engines.

The four engine oils of the ADDINOL Pole Position range exceed JASO MA-2 and API SM. Viscosity grades SAE 10W-30 and SAE 10W-40 are based on high-grade synthetic oils and Pole Position SAE 10W-50 and 20W-50 on fully synthetic components. The products of ADDINOL are mainly sold by motorcycle dealers. The current flyer "ADDINOL Lubricants – For motorbikes, scooter, karts and quads" presents the new engine oils as well as further special products of the German company. It is available for download at

German article published in Top Speed 06/2010 (view German article here)

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