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"Welcome to ADDINOL, one of Europe’s most modern lubricating plants!" The ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is one of a few companies in the German mineral oil industry acting independently of any large business group and having distributor partners on all continents in more than 80 countries ...


Our story of success started back in 1936, on October 26th, with the founding of the former Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf. After the reunification of Germany the company changed its name to ADDINOL – Additives in Oil, which had been the name of its most famous brand before.


Today we develop and produce high-performance lubricants of the latest generation in Leuna, a chemical site of international standing. Among these are automotive lubricants for highest demands and ground-breaking developments for industrial applications.


This bird's eye view shows our plant with the office building, the laboratory and the logistics centre; in the background energy supply can be seen. The use of the open space is already planned for further extension in the upcoming years.


The best way to discover the huge dimensions of our area and the numerous technical details is an extensive walk through our plants. This tour takes us along endless pipe systems …


… as well as outdoor tanks of impressive height …


… we also pass the spot where raw materials are delivered as well as the loading ramps of the ADDINOL logistics centre.


And after the tour outside come on in to the large ADDINOL laboratory with its modern instruments and equipment for analyses.


Here we develop the formulations of our innovative high-performance lubricants, test all finished products thoroughly, analyse all raw materials before their use and document all data with care.


From the laboratory we proceed along to production. In the first hall additives are produced and the plant for manufacturing viscosity index improvers greets us with ear-splitting noise.


Then we pass a whole battery of sections and connections. These lead base oils and liquid additives to the blenders especially constructed for their purpose.


In these blenders we produce our high-performance lubricants according to our formulations and by incorporating our know-how and highly modern technology.


Every finished product undergoes strict quality checks at the laboratory. Only after passing these comprehensive checks the lubricants are shipped to the customers.


Bulk products are led into tank trucks directly on the spot, weighed exactly and then transported to their "place of action."


Other lubricants are being stored in tanks before they are filled into drums or containers …


... or into the small packages of ADDINOL, quite unique in turquoise and with a slight metallic effect and their attractive and functional form.


Their dynamic and clearly layed-out labels add the perfect finishing touch to the packages.


After filling and labelling the finished products are brought to the ADDINOL logistics centre.


From here our high-performance lubricants start their journey to our distributor partners and customers.


In almost all countries of the world customers appreciate the unique performance and the outstanding quality of ADDINOL high-performance lubricants made in Leuna.


Many people from chemistry and industry interested in technics take the opportunity and visit our plant.


Both prospective technicians and decision makers like the Mexican Ambassador S.E. Francisco Gonzales Diaz (right) are impressed by ADDINOL and one of Europe's most modern lubricating plants.


ADDINOL High-performance lubricants - the right product for any application!

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Welcome to ADDINOL, probably Europe's most modern lubricant plant!

The ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is one of a few companies of the German mineral oil industry acting independently of any large business group and having distributor partners on all continents in more than 80 countries. At the chemical site in Leuna, Saxony-Anhalt, we develop and produce high-performance lubricants which set standards. Discover our...