ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH. Made in Germany

ADDINOL – Additive in Oil – was one of the most famous brand names of the former GDR. After Germany’s Reunification the company changed its name to ADDINOL. Today the long-established company scores with state-of-the art quality lubricants.

The Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf was founded in 1936. It became one of Germany’s largest refineries for the production of fuel and lubricants. Research and development have been crucial from the very beginning. Already in the 1980s the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf had an international competence centre for tribology. High-performance lubricants of the Mineralölwerk Lützkendorf, as for example the engine oil ADDINOL Super, were a synonym for quality and progress. Today the company is represented in more than 70 countries all over the world.

In 2000 the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH moved to the renowned chemical site Leuna. Administration building, laboratory and warehouse were spacious considering the requirements at that time. However, the development of ADDINOL soon exceeded all expectations. ADDINOL invested in own production facilities and extended its logistics centre. Since spring 2007 more than 600 different products are being produced and filled in Leuna. This way the requests of the customers can be fulfilled quickly, flexibly, reliably and in constant quality.

The automotive product range of ADDINOL comprises engine and transmission oils of the highest international specifications. More than 150 approvals of leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) such as Daimler, the Volkswagen group, MAN, Renault, Volvo, Deutz, Scania and MTU attest the outstanding product quality.

Stricter emission regulations lead to increasing demands on the engines. For Euro 5 engines the limit for the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is cut from 3.5 to 2 g/kWh. This can only be realised by the help of the respective lubricants. Less sulphated ash, less phosphorous and less sulphur – Low SAPS – is the motto for the engine oil. The active substances (additives) of high-performance engine oils used to be based on ash-forming metal compounds such as sulphur, phosphorous, zinc et al to achieve the required performance. Now considerably less ash-forming substances are to be used without impairing the performance. At the same time the lubricant must prove itself as longlife oil even under difficult operating conditions and reduce fuel consumption.

ADDINOL’s answer to this challenge is Extra Truck MD 1049 LE. The fuel-economy engine oil of SAE 10W-40 meets the extreme requirements of the Euro 3, the Euro 4 and the new sensitive Euro 5 diesel engine generation. Because of the innovative additive technology combined with fully synthetic base oil components ash-containing additives can be reduced by at least 50 % which in turn contributes to downsizing the contaminants for the exhaust aftertreatment systems. Exhaust aftertreatment, such as the widely used CRT (Continuously Regenerating Trap), achieve a reliable and efficient performance thanks to the minimised content of the ‘catalytic converter killers’ phosphorous and sulphur; due to the low evaporation loss oil consumption is decreased by up to 30 %; special friction modifiers and optimum viscosity enable fuel savings. ADDINOL Extra Truck MD 1049 LE does not only master the ecological but also the lubrication-related requirements. The lubricant, which displays excellent shearing and ageing resistance, allows oil drain intervals of up to 120,000 km. In addition, it provides protection against mechanical and corrosive wear and ensures optimum cleanliness. The safe and reliable lubrication is ensured both for every cold start, even at very low temperatures, and in continuous operation over long distances. As High-Tech-Diesel-Engine-Oil with Low SAPS characteristics the oil is highly fit for the application in heavy-duty vehicles and omnibuses which are equipped with new aftertreatment systems. MD 1049 LE meets and exceeds the European specifications according to ACEA E6/E7 and the American specification according to API CI-4 Plus. It is approved according to: MB-Approval 228.51, MAN M 3477, (MAN M 3277 for CRT), Renault RXD, Volvo VDS-3, Deutz DQC III-05 and MTU Oil category 3.1.

German article published in NFZ Werkstatt Katalog 2009 (view German article here)

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