On the fast lane with the right lubricants

During the last ten years the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH saw a growth in the two-digit area. Driving force:  Research and development in line with the requirements of the market.

"Onnistuneesti yhteistyötä!" is Finish and means "To a successful co-operation!" As needed, Georg Wilegger knows this sentence in quite a number of languages. After all his medium-sized company – Wildegger is general manager of the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH – has distribution partners in more than 70 countries all over the world.

Ten million Euros for the future
It is true turnover has declined by about ten percent because of the worldwide financial and economic crisis also for ADDINOL; however, the whole lubricant sector experienced far bigger losses in comparison. "Now the demand for the portfolio of more than 600 ADDINOL products is climbing again at all markets", according to Wildegger and the company invests money in new projects.

At the headquarters in Leuna construction works started at the end of 2009. The extended tank farm is nearly finished, a new warehouse as well as one further production hall are being built. The manufacturer of lubricants (100 employees) had bought an additional area of 25,000 square kilometres last year and invests about ten million Euros in the current business year.

The company’s highlight for the automotive sector is ADDINOL Giga light MV 0530 LL: the fully synthetic engine oil of the latest generation reduces exhaust emissions and increases lifetime of particle filters. The product is suited for nearly all engines of passenger cars and transporters, exceeds international specifications and is approved by most OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Ahead of competition
However, the medium-sized company does not only supply the automotive sector but also offers products for most industrial applications. One example: "The high-performance gear oils ADDINOL Eco Gear M and S for instance, they were designed especially for modern gear construction", quotes Wildegger. Due to the additive combination Surftec® developed by ADDINOL gears run nearly without wear and friction making longer service lives of the plants possible. 

The same is true for heavy loaded gears in wind power plants: according to analyses carried out by the Technical University Munich load-related losses can be reduced by up to 41 percent. "For Eco Gear M and S we guarantee an operating life of at least four years which is a considerable advantage compared to competitors ", explains Wildegger.

He says that it was one of the best strategic decisions to re-start in Leuna. 2000 the offices of the company were opened at the chemical site, between 2005 and 2007 production was re-established here. Before, other companies produced and filled ADDINOL products according to their formulation. "Because of this step we can react more flexibly and at short notice to the requirements of the market."

How is a lubricant produced?
Basically the manufacturing of lubricants is a blending procedure. So-called base oils are mixed with additives giving the product its respective characteristics in order to perfectly transmit forces, protect against wear, lubricate, seal etc – the particular requirements depend on the specific application as machine oil, engine oil, gear oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil, chain oil and so on.

German article published in Fokus Mittelstand 07/2010 (view German article here)

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