Protective shield for bearings and gears

High-performance grease combines long-term lubrication and surface repair

Roller and sliding bearings are prone to micro-pitting, pitting, wear and scuffing. A new lubricant promises help under extreme conditions and for pre-damaged surfaces even.

The substance combination Surftec has been developed by ADDINOL and has been used for the special gear oil Eco Gear since many years. Now the manufacturer has furnished the high-performance grease Eco Grease PD 2 with this component for long-term lubrication.

Thus, the grease is meant for long-term and lifetime lubrication of roller bearings and all sliding pairings prone to wear.

Even under extreme conditions, such as strong vibrations, impact loads, high and changing pressures as well as strongly varying temperatures it provides safe and reliable lubrication according to the manufacturer. Therefore, the grease as also fit for generator bearings, gear engines under impact loads as well as bearings of feed rolls at roll stands.

In addition, it protects against micro-pitting, pitting, wear and scuffing according to ADDINOL. Even at low circumferential speed and under mixed friction conditions it is said to ensure high scuffing load capacity. Pre-damaged surfaces are smoothened by the PD-effect meaning plastic deformation achieved by the substance combination Surftec.

The friction coefficient, which is extremely low, decreases thermal loads on all bearing components and thus contributes to energy saving and long lifetimes of friction pairings.

According to the manufacturer the high-performance grease possesses extreme ageing stability as well as resistance against hot and cold water. It is said to protect against corrosion and to prevent fretting corrosion. In addition, it displays good pumpability important for central lubrication systems and is compatible with all conventional sealings.

Optimum application temperature is between minus 35 and plus 140 degrees Celsius. Eco Grease PD 2 is available 25 kg hobbocks, 5 kg buckets and 400 g cartridges; it is based on mineral oils and lithium soap as thickener.

The grease does not contain any solids and is free of silicone. It corresponds to consistency class NLGI 2 and DIN KP2N-35.

German article published in Betriebstechnik & Instandhaltung May/June 2011 (view German article here)

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