More efficiency and less energy consumption

Modern hydraulic systems pose ever increasing demands on hydraulic fluids. Some years ago hydraulic oils of type HLP used to be standard, nowadays advanced products with improved temperature and friction behaviour as well as detergent properties in some cases are applied more and more often. Now ADDINOL launches HV Eco Fluid – a hydraulic oil with an optimum viscosity-temperature-behaviour according to the manufacturer. The hydraulic fluid is said to increase the efficiency of the hydraulic systems and to decrease the fuel consumption of mobile plants in particular. The potential cost reduction can be determined individually before application.
HV Eco Fluid, the pressure fluid developed by ADDINOL, German expert for high-performance lubricants, is supposed to exceed the performance of all conventional hydraulic fluids by far. It is based on mineral oils and a new additive technology and meets DIN 51524/3 (HVLP), DIN EN ISO 6743-4 (HV) as well as requirements of all leading OEM. The optimum viscosity-temperature behaviour guarantees maximum system efficiency at both relatively high and low temperatures. Compared to conventional HVLP, HV Eco Fluid achieves a higher efficiency of the hydraulic altogether which means: higher power under full load, faster reaction of the system and decreased fuel consumption.

Cost reduction in practice
The efficiency of ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid was assessed in field tests and compared to conventional HLP hydraulic oils with promising results.
For example, one Caterpillar mobile excavator 318 filled with 255 litres hydraulic oil and equipped with a diesel engine of type 3066 was tested under normal operating conditions. According to test records fuel consumption at 100 % full load was decreased by 13.8 % and at 90 % load by 8.6 % compared to a hydraulic oil of type HLP after 10 days. At a diesel fuel consumption of 23.5 l/operating hour the total savings achieved are quite high.

In addition, HV Eco Fluid was compared to conventional hydraulic oils of type HLP and HVLP, to mono-grade engine oil SAE 10W and ATF: it achieved significantly better results here as well. ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid is available in viscosity grades ISO VG 32, 46 and 68. The expected savings for a plant are determined by ADDINOL by the help of a cost calculator taking into account individual parameters and starting from a 6 % reduction of fuel consumption.

German article published in Baumagazin 12/2009_01/2010 (view German article here)


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