Brand with tradition

LUBRICANTS – "ADDINOL", the former premium lubricant brand of the GDR is still alive and gains more and more ground in the whole country.

About 20 years ago there were only two lubricant brands for the eastern part of Germany: ADDINOL and Minol. Minol was petrol station number one but after a short period of grace it was eliminated by the Elf group. ADDINOL could survive and kept some fans. Today the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH, Leuna, is well established as medium-sized company with own production and development and speaks of yearly sales increases in the two-digit percentage range.

Approval granted
More than 600 products are developed, produced and filled in Leuna. The automotive range of ADDINOL includes engine and transmission oils with international specifications according to ACEA and API. More than 150 approvals of leading OEMs such as BMW, Daimler, VW, Porsche, Ford, Renault, Volvo, MAN, Deutz, Scania and so on argue for their quality.
ADDINOL takes particular pride in the approval of the fully synthetic fuel-efficient engine oil Mega light MV 0539 LE for VW vehicles with extended service lives and VW with CNG operation. Furthermore, the product range includes the fully synthetic engine oil ADDINOL Giga light MV 0530 LL, SAE 5W-30, which was especially developed for modern gasoline and diesel engines with flexible maintenance intervals and promises good margins.
Important: ADDINOL Giga light exceeds the requirements of specification ACEA C3 and is approved according to VW 504 00/507 00, MB-Approval 229.51 and BMW Longlife-04. Therefore it can be applied in almost all gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and transporters. Due to special additives Giga light is said to reduce ash deposits in the diesel particulate filter by 50 % and to prolong the service life of oil filters.

Represented all over the world
The special oil finder provided on the company homepage offers help and support for workshops by giving the suitable lubricant according to vehicle type or search by key number. Engine oils of different performances, lubricants for transmission, steering, brake and wheel bearing are suggested. In addition, the oil finder provides information on the respective filling quantity. The company also offers extensive service such as sound technical support, information material, data sheets, product overviews, and brochures for end consumers, advertising material for shops, equipment for workshop and warehouse, waste management concepts and technical trainings. ADDINOL has sales partners in more than 70 countries; in Germany the sale is accomplished by own sales staff and regional mineral oil traders.

German article published in Autohaus 10/2009 (view German article here)

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